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As a windows user, Windows 7 is one of the finest release from Microsoft Corporation in terms of its high definition interface graphics. Most of us used to change our computer  desktop wallpapers at least weekly once to get a newer look and feel and It helps to activate our eyes to be more sharp and grasp things easily.



The fonts are medium to prescribe the news in digital media. It has huge number of faces. More of a time we used to stick with some same set of fonts in our design works. As a designer, he has to show particular attention towards the font face in these following three conditions. (more…)

For any medium like web, graphic or film, We have to use types to communicate to the viewers. But most of the time, the designers use images, illustrations or objects to communicate the ideas visibly and quite often it gives attention towards the message that has to be conveyed. (more…)

Nowadays, The designers are not only doing serious tasks for their clients and their projects. Besides that,  they do funny works with their creative mind.  Here comes a total of twenty pictures which gives us smile on our face while in the first glance itself.  These pictures are digitally manipulated for a smile. I hope these will make you happy for a while. (more…)

My Website Launch

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I have finished finally my fullfleged website and hosted online. Its fully designed with Adobe Flash and coded with Action Script 2.0 including Back-end support in XML. (more…)

These are my personal favorites in graphic designing. I am listing out here. May be Useful you too.. (more…)

welcome to my blog

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This is a blog where i can post some of the news about my professional design stories. One more thing, I am not a genius or well-versed designer in terms to compare with. (more…)